Kara Young Georgiopoulos lives in New York City with her husband, Peter Georgiopoulos, and two sons, Nicola' and Constantine. Kara Young was an international supermodel entrepreneur and philanthropist then. Kara is an international supermodel entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother and wife now.

Appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Victoria Secret campaigns, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and numerous other international magazines. Covergirl Kara Young lead numerous global marketing campaigns, for cosmetic giants such as Revlon, Maybelline and LoReal, along with appearences on Fox News Channel covering entertainment fashion shows, films and music.

Currently Mrs. Kara Young Georgiopoulos is a Mother of Two, Wife, Model and Mentor to many. Participating in many charities in New York. An active executive board member for "Action Against Hunger" actionagainsthunger.org (click the link to learn more).